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Software design is a critical component of the software development process that involves creating a blueprint or plan for the software application before it is built. Software design usually starts with a business vision and set of objectives that is refined through collaboration to create a software design that outlines the software’s architecture, functionality, user experience, and implementation approach.

One of the primary benefits of software design is that it helps to reduce development costs and time. Additionally, taking the time to plan out the software application in detail, significantly reduces the chance of finding gaps and issues during development that can lead to unexpected costs late in the project. There are different aspects of design that Tobuild LLC can help you with individually or as part of a comprehensive design exercise.

Project Scoping

If you’re in the early stages of your software project and need help with project scoping, costing, and planning, Tobuild LLC offers various services to help. Our Day of Design and Technical Assessments are designed to identify high-level needs, evaluate feasibility, and provide cost estimates and timeline forecasts. The output of this scoping effort is a scope document that outlines the project’s overall goals, anticipated technical solution, cost estimates, and timeline forecasts. This high-level design work is particularly effective in evaluating project feasibility within your available budget before committing to a larger design effort. With Tobuild LLC assistance, you’ll have a clear understanding of what it takes to turn your software idea into reality

Solution Design

We believe that successful custom software projects start with a thorough understanding of our clients’ business objectives and requirements. Our solution design process involves reviewing your vision and requirements to translate them into actionable ideas. After analyzing your technology requirements, our team of solution architects will then craft a customized solution design unique to your business need or software concept.

Technical Design

Once the solution design is finalized, our development experts will create a technical design that incorporates the best of breed software frameworks and hosting technologies to power the solution. This ensures that the software application is not only designed to work with current technology but is also maintainable and extensible. We take pride in developing custom software that is both effective and long-lasting, providing clients with a reliable and scalable solution.

UX Design

Our user experience designers and solution architects work collaboratively to design the visual and interactive elements of your project. Our joint-design approach ensures that software interface is visually appealing, easy to use and highly performant. Incorporating UX design into your project will ensure you create a highly branded and outstanding user experience that utilizes the latest technologies.


The Solution Design process involves several steps that help to ensure that the final software solution meets your business objectives and requirements.

  • Requirements Discussion: The first step in the solution design process is to discuss and document your business requirements. It is important to gain a complete understanding of your business objectives, problems, or challenges that the software application needs to address and to define the project’s scope.
  • Joint Design: Once the requirements have been detailed and agreed upon, our team turns its attention to the design of the software solution itself. This highly collaborative process includes our team presenting and discussing different solution options with you before they are ultimately incorporated into the design of the user experience, application logic, and technical architecture of the final solution.
  • Planning & Estimation: After the software’s requirements, scope, and architecture are finalized, our team shifts its focus to project planning and forecasting. Tobuild LLC has a detailed estimation and planning process where the application is decomposed into individual software features, each of which is evaluated as a component of implementation effort and cost. Using these granular estimates, the Tobuild LLC team can evaluate different implementation approaches, including phased delivery, to present various options for the next steps.
  • Design Documentation: All design efforts conclude with documentation and delivery of a Solution Design document. This document is written with all stakeholders in mind and focuses on capturing project objectives, software requirements, and implementation approaches. This deliverable document also includes Tobuild LLC forecasted cost and timeline estimate for implementation to support informed business planning.
Tobuild LLC helped us better understand what we needed to do to make our product functional with our business model
Ablert Mayo
CTO at Cognia

The Solution

Tobuild LLC offers a flexible design process that allows you to tackle different aspects of software design individually or as part of a single, comprehensive design effort. Our The Our Solution Design service is designed to help you transform your early-stage software concept into a comprehensive and actionable implementation plan, supported by a detailed design blueprint.
The software blueprint and implementation plan created during Solution Design will provide clarity on the software scope, design, implementation cost, and delivery timeline, ensuring that all stakeholders have a shared understanding of the project’s goals and objectives before proceeding into subsequent implementation effort.


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Technologies are the tools we use to deliver great custom software solutions. Our team knows which technologies work best in each scenario, and work with you to balance the needs of your project with the long-term needs of your organization.

Languages & Frameworks

Database Technologies

Mobile Development


Let’s bring your custom software design idea to life

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