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Software Rescue & Support is a specialized service provided by Tobuild LLC to help clients who are facing challenges with their active software projects or require support for existing applications. Whether your project has encountered technical issues, is struggling to meet deadlines, or is facing other unexpected obstacles, our experienced team of architects, developers and project managers can step in to analyze the situation, identify bottlenecks, and recommend a solution to get your project or support solution back on track.

The core benefit of Software Rescue & Support is that it allows you to save your investment in a troubled software project or maintain the functionality of an existing application that is valuable to your business. By leveraging our years of expertise in software development and project management, we can quickly identify and address the issues at hand to minimize disruption to your business operations and reduce business continuity concerns. Tobuild LLC offers a few different services related to software rescue and support that can be used individually or collectively depending on your individual needs.

One of the primary benefits of software design is that it helps to reduce development costs and time. Additionally, taking the time to plan out the software application in detail, significantly reduces the chance of finding gaps and issues during development that can lead to unexpected costs late in the project. There are different aspects of design that Tobuild LLC can help you with individually or as part of a comprehensive design exercise.

Software Assessment

Our team will perform an evaluation of your existing software application to identify underlying technical issues, areas for improvement, optimization opportunities, and potential risks. The scope of the Software Assessment is tailored to your individual needs but can include an analysis of the application’s architecture, code quality, performance, security, and maintainability. By examining these aspects, the Software Assessment can provide you with actionable recommendations and a roadmap to enhance your software’s stability, security, functionality, and scalability, ultimately improving the software’s reliability.

Project Rescue

Projects may fail due to various factors, such as subpar work quality, resource challenges, inadequate development process, and lack of requirements management. Our Project Rescue service is a specialized solution designed to assist clients facing difficulties with their ongoing software projects. Our team can step in to pinpoint issues, tackle technical challenges, and devise a strategic plan to steer your project back on the right path. We take a comprehensive approach to project review and can help you with recommendations related to both technical and process challenges.

Software Support

If you have an existing application and need a reliable partner to maintain and expand it over time, our Software Support programs offer the flexibility you need. Tobuild LLC provides three support programs, allowing clients to switch between them as necessary. Our experienced team of developers and managers ensures business continuity, eliminating concerns about relying on a single resource. Software Support addresses technical issues, adds new features, and manages your cloud hosting. Our service’s main objective is to maintain software operation and give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your business.


Clients appreciate the simple and straightforward nature of our 3-step process for Software Rescue & Support, especially since they are often coming from problematic project and support situations.

  • Assessment: Our team will promptly evaluate your software’s history and known challenges, working closely with you to identify immediate next steps. For established software requiring support, we may proceed directly into Transition; however, for ongoing projects or software facing more significant technical issues, a comprehensive Software Assessment may be necessary before determining the best course of action.
  • Transition: To effectively provide support for your software, certain transition tasks must be completed. These tasks typically involve obtaining access to your software’s source code, reviewing hosting environments, and verifying code completeness and quality. Upon completion of the Transition tasks, our team will be ready to assume development and support responsibilities for your application.
  • Ongoing Support: Once the transition is complete and a reliable support solution is in place, you can have peace of mind as we work to resolve issues, implement new features, and respond to your ongoing business needs. We offer multiple support programs that you can choose from based on the volume and urgency of your support needs.
I was a damsel in distress. Tobuild LLC kept their commitment and were very helpful in realizing we were on a deadline. They were very accommodating even though we were not the largest job they were working on.
Ablert Mayo
CTO at Cognia

The Solution

Software Rescue & Support is a comprehensive solution designed to address the challenges associated with supporting existing applications and failing software projects. This solution will engage Tobuild LLC team of experienced architects, developers, and project managers who step in to identify issues, address technical difficulties, and devise a strategic plan to get your project back on track or implement a support program to maintain your application.


Translate your early vision and business requirements into a project blueprint.


Outline your creative design, technical frameworks, and architecture for your application.


Build your application through iterative, collaborative feature development.


Quality Assurance and testing to make sure you’re ready for primetime.

Deploy & Support

You aren’t done, you’re live and we’re there to support you.

Do you need help finishing a software project?

Let us guide you towards a prosperous project execution, whether you require technical professionals or the outsourcing of software development. We are committed to supporting you in achieving your goals.

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